A vintage drawing of an old library, with floor to ceiling shelves of books.

Hark, reader, traveller, observer! Pry open the doors of this cabinet of curiosities, where in its bosom lie tinkerings and concoctions of the strangest and most varied order. It is at once an atlas of fantastical places, a skeleton cobbled of the bones of many, a manuscript of dust-pale words and washed-out images limned in the colors of the setting sun. Peruse these folios freely as you craft your journey through these lands...

A daguerreotype of a well-dressed man, but it has been eaten at so severely by wear and age that it is difficult to see his form and his face.

Call me Newt. I am a people painter, world crafter, and curiosities curator of sanguine temperament. Some years ago — never mind how long precisely — having a restlessness in my soul and in my hands, I set out upon growing a garden in the sprawling internet. This space was created to share my art, writings, comics, stories, worldbuilding, and other such miscellany of my own creation.

I’ve got an eye and a love for the strange, historical, speculative, and creative, which affects my art and thus the contents of this space; it is from the desire to share these loves and creations and a hatred of the modern social media space that this was born. Feel free to relax all you want here, and I can only hope you enjoy what I have to share.

I also like karst landscapes, languages, luthierie, fishing, the history of the arts, all things nautical, cartography, patterned and preferably gaudy fabrics, weird bodies of water, the handmade and artisanal, and city planning hostile to the automobile.

You can use he/him for me.


This place is a humble shrine, a tiny nook upon the side of your winding trail, the lights in the windows just visible from your spot. The floorboards echo and scatter dust with your steps. As one may expect from a place handmade, there may be either issues that may arise or questions one may want to be addressed. Or, more simply, you just want to say hello. Whatever the reason, you’re free to send a ship in a bottle by signing the guestbook, here through mail, or on the site profile. I’ll do my best to respond in a reasonable amount of time, whether the matter is accessibility issues or a cute spider.

A 88 by 31 button for this site, featuring a newt.
A wood engraving illustration marking the footer. Two skulls cushioned by leaves flank a daffodil flower.
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