Howdy! I'm Newt! I've been drawing, writing, and generally messing around artistically for over 500 years! (Don't google that!) You can find out about my endeavors on this very site. Hope you enjoy!

All my stuff is divided by medium under the "WORKS" section of the navigation, but I also have stuff divided by what world they're from - if it's original work - under the "WORLDS" section! I have three main worlds with their own different "thing" going on - there's the modern-ish fantasy for-fun messing-around Kaoru & Jan world, the heavy-on-worldbuilding earth-adjacent exploratory Statue on the Wall world, and the metaphysical inaccurate-spy-fi AMSAA world. Feel free to explore! :)

THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION !!! You can still browse but some things aren't quite navigateable yet! Thanks for y'all's patience <3



all that is or ever was or ever will be  bos turokh a mechanical heart

Do You Love

A bird must have found her dead, for that morning she woke up carried on a long, laced stiauq with such a fine ruby lining only reserved for dead strangers.

A 4056 word short story about a woman from the green lands whose body is continually rejected by the earth, on a mission to kill her father. Read it here!