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Somewhere, between the sea and the mountains, lies a weird little town filled with weird little people. Various citizens include Agnes and Kielo Nevalainen, a wife and wife team of detectives, Hafiz, the lonely lighthouse keeper who tends to not just the local lighthouse but the local population of sea serpents, the family behind the Ortiz & Company magical diner, the Enchanted Inquirer newspaper editor who can see the very anatomy of the comic panels he's in, the world's second most accomplished magical botanist, and many many more.

Through the eyes of journalists Kaoru Ueda and Jan Eriksen and their friends, follow the lives and going-ons of the magic and gods and love and weirdness of the town.

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It's been one decade since the most prosperous city in the world, the capital of the Commonwealth of Walled Cities, and the great Straiti machine -- Kyrata -- has fallen. It's been 34 years since the end of the War of the Nabhekhita Mountains, when the Ikhita nation slaughtered towns of Nateri-yuwa living in the mountain range in search of metals. It's been over 60 years since the Muqegaian civil war.

And it's been almost 500 years since the Beast of the Crystal -- Meneyon Bokh, Caulda Seng, Noddhiv, Qaulem-di-yama -- burst out of the soil and Earth and disrupted the Old Gods, and the world, forever.

It's been about one week since Sinta, a noikhi, a worker of Crystal magic, met Leabua, a newbie historian. Leabua is intent on figuring out, once and for all, the true reason behind the fall of Kyrata. Sinta is tired. Sinta is seperated from her homeland, a little island in the Isles of Passage. Sinta is simultaneously craving and terrified of learning more skills to become a noikhi to be relied on. Sinta decides to accompany him.

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The cold war is raging full force.

Unbeknownst to most of the population, there are three parts to every human soul: the Spark, the Shadow, and the Wanderer. The Spark is your life force and energy, the Shadow determines how easy it is to remember you depending on how strong it is, and the Wanderer takes the form of an animal tied to your heritage and protects you from any possibly terrible forces. And equally as unbeknownst to most of the population, enough trauma and stress can cause the soul to self-destruct and create strange malicious spirits called Aberrations.

A secretive little spy agency called AMSAA has made it their job to prevent extended destruction caused by aberrations and also prevent others, either government-related agencies or their own main rivals WASP, from creating aberrations and using them for their own means. At any cost possible.

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My own worlds are certainly not the only things I draw for! Sometimes I will draw with various pieces of media that I enjoy as the subject. I'm mainly into various BDs, mostly Corto Maltese and Les Tuniques Bleues, but also the video game Pathologic, and many other things as well.

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This is a "little" illustration project that I've been doing, involving BD (Franco-Belgian comic) characters as the subjects of the major arcana tarot cards. As of the moment this is currently unfinished. Every now and then I will add another card when I find the time and willingness to draw one.

None of these characters belong to me and I make no money from drawing these!

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I like talking about things! I rarely make much sense, but when did that ever stop anyone? These ramblings may include favorite quotes or music recommendations, or just something completely inane.

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