Welcome to Pleurodelinae, visitor! This is a place of art, where I show off artworks, comics, and stories of other sorts. Rest, stay awhile, feel free to take a peruse around my creations, or anything else I offer on this humble site.

The Artist-in-Residence

You can call me Newt. I'm an artist (obviously, I hope), student, and soon-to-be luthier of sanguine temperament.

I like worldbuilding, unnerving bodies of water, strange prose, animals that some people like to hate, capers, the intersection of art and history, karst landscapes, spicy and sour food, and iconography involving blood.

And on the other side of the coin, I very much dislike people not using their turn signals, cryptocurrency, hostile architecture, the sense of doom and exhaustion of living in a capitalist society that permeates every living minute, and gelatinous food.

As for what to call me, this example should suffice: That fellow over there is Newt. He's a pretty loud and in-your-face guy. He'll really stop at nothing to tell you about what happens to a whale's corpse at the bottom of the sea, or any sort of passionate rant-- he's really got a weird head for how conversations work. He also runs some website held together by hastily taped-together code, and doesn't like describing himself much.

So, I'd like to ask...

Why is this site designed this way?

A lot of modern web design that I see everywhere seems very professional, slick, and clean, but comes off as very impersonal to me. Therefore, I am trying to make my own little space on the internet feel very much like mine. I like my website not despite its ugliness but because of it.

However, I myself have sight problems, making the crazier aspects of older and more "obnoxious" web design inaccessible to me. As much as I love it in theory, I often can't interact with a website well with low contrast colors or a lot of GIFs.

I want others with their own sorts of sight problems to be able to view and navigate on my site, especially considering it is focused around art.

If I haven't succeeded in any way, please do let me know! I'll see what I can do.

A little while ago I stopped by here, and now that I'm back it looks completely different! What is up with that?

Indecision! That's all.

Just don't think about it too hard, and let me agonize over the impulse to redesign half my site that I get every now and then. Who knows when I'll get the urge next...?

What do you use?

For digital art I currently use Clip Studio Paint, but I used to use Paint Tool SAI with Photoshop on the side. I generally use the default brushes with some very mild tweaks, though every now and then I may snag a free resource or two.

For traditional art I will generally use whatever is available to me (random pencils I keep in my pockets, paints I find in some forgotten recess of my desk with a solid inch layer of dust overtop the box, et cetera), and I tend to not pay much attention to specific brands. The medium should be specified with the artwork.

For coding I use Firefox and prayers to all the gods I know.

What's with the time scale on this website?

I use the French Republican calendar! I have never felt much attachment, and there are at times even moments of derision, to the Gregorian calendar. So, I decided to stop using it. If it confuses you, then simply enjoy floating within a space without time. Like a Waffle House, or some such.

As for why I use the French Republican calendar: I like the names they chose for things. And some other reasons, but they do not really matter.

What is your thought process behind this specific image or design?

Aha, I love these sorts of questions! I'll happily answer via email or ask. Though, maybe some day I will make a page on here compiling said explanations.

What is your philosophy with creating art?

I could say a lot of things. A lot of my worldbuilding, and subsequent storytelling, is driven by appreciation and fascination-- for cultures, for the world and all its idiosyncracies, for art itself. Art is fundamentally human; we are a storytelling species, and one that has great capacity to be good.

But really, I just think it's fun! What I want to say to the world should be clear enough in, well, what I am saying.


If you have a different question, no issue! If you want to reach me, whether it be to ask said unanswered question, address an issue, or just say hi, you can email me or send me an ask on Tumblr.

Thank you dearly for spending your time here, in my little nook on the internet.