Artwork of me. I'm a round faced, light-skinned guy with short black hair and round black glasses. I'm wearing a collared shirt, red sweater, and big green coat with various pins and patches on it.

I'm Newt, he/him is good, and I'm a young mixed Indonesian-American artist, violist, wannabe luthier, corn eater, and Shostakovich dopplegänger who lives in what's currently called the state of Georgia.

I'm a creator of art that focuses on people, narratives, queer identity, and fun colors, and I'm a big fan of BDs, classical music, facts I'll never need to know at any point in my life other than as weird conversation pieces, learning languages, weird animals, and spicy foods.

You can also find me on my art blog, the twitter that I got bullied into making, or via email. If you want to support me (thank you, by the way!) you can buy me a coffee or shop for something.

The code for the sidebar is by templaterr but everything else on this side is coded by yours truly :)