I drew these to relax!. I based it off of the motif that Maurice Apollon's last name refers to a sun god, while Percival Jutrobog's last name refers to a moon god. And, of course, I wanted to do something fun shape-wise that involved them and their Wanderers.

Though it wasn't my intention, right after I finished it, I was reminded of Le soleil et la lune by Charles Trenet. It fits these two well, I think. Weirdness, and all that. And opposites.

Image description: Two matching digital illustrations, with a paper texture over both of them. The background is a dark reddish brown.

The first image shows Maurice, a brown man and short hair that still goes down his neck at the very back, 60s style. He has plenty of moles on his face and is wearing a black suit with a teal tie. He is in a suave but not relaxed pose, with one leg kicked up and his palm stretched out to rest on that knee. He is looking to the side and smoking a cigarette. Curling around his back and in front of him is a wispy and spirit looking pangolin in bright teal.

The second picture shows Percival, a light skinned man with poofy and curly darkish blond hair. He is squatting, resting his elbow on his knee, and is looking to the side sternly. He wears a black suit with a teal tie. Curling up and around his shoulder is a wispy and spirit looking Blakiston's fish owl in bright teal, its wings spread out wide. END ID