A vintage illustration depicting a gaggle of people in a small room. A man sings, accompanied by a woman on the piano, while the listeners are paying a variable amount of attention.


From the chamber you can hear soft lilting notes to bow-bending furiosity to reverent chords... there must be musicians over. Indeed! The proprieter of this space has an expansive, if at times eccentric, taste and a fine-tuned musical ear. Found below is his allowance: a peek into his wide array of music in the form of albums, for all moods, tastes, and temperaments.

The proprieter would like to note that clicking on the albums will lead to either YouTube or Bandcamp. This is for the purpose of ease of listening, as the proprieter acknowledges that streaming services tend to vary from country to country. The proprieter sincerely requests that if you like an album, try to support the artist directly. Use AdBlock if you go on YouTube.

As this is only a slice of the proprieter's menagerie, new albums are added not infrequently!


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I do not own or have created any of the albums mentioned here,
and are instead the property of the credited artists.