A man throws up his arms in triumph as he reaches a rocky peak, his companions around him already resting, or completing the last stretch of the ascent, as their dog is enjoying the view and a portfolio is waiting to be used. The caption reads in the original French: Des artistes en voyage.


Sometimes, lovely people draw things for me! Whether due to an exchange, or I commission them, or they are just kind enough to give gifts, this little side gallery shows off other people's extraordinary art of my work.

This is sorted from newest to oldest, from when I recieved the picture.

Credit is given to every single artist, and by clicking on their name can you go to a webpage of theirs! If you are listed on here and want your picture taken down, email me. I won't be offended, don't worry.

Over a pink check stripe background stand twins Pava and Isolia. Pava looks to the viewer neutrally while Isolia looks to him with a small smile

Pava & Isolia

A gift from the OC Art Swap

A digital picture of Nak-ouan. They are a round-faced brown person with several moles and curly hair cut very short. They wear an orange patterned scarf and a navy blue embroidered shawl; they have several multicolor sashes wrapped around their waist and from the belt is a small wood board studded with beads, a sword scabbard, and a suspender. Covering their legs are skirts of light blue and tan, the tan one being embroidered with lines and floral designs. Covering the top half of their face is a painted wood mask of a horned deer-like creature. They look at the viewer and smile, waving with one hand, as they step forward up a desert hill.

A tiny pixel art bust of Nak-ouan.

Corn Fields Traveller

An attack from Art Fight

A digital bust of Florence Ledavsuk. She's a tired looking Black woman with her short hair under a white cloche hat with a lavender sash. Her shoulders are wrapped in a dark shawl. The background is pale green and framing the sides are glowing white fronds, similar to fern leaves, remniscient of her blood.


An attack from Art Fight

A portrait of Nak-ouan standing under a blue sky, spotty clouds, and a bright sun. They hold their mask over their right side of their face, and wave with their other hand (both of which are bound in bandages).

Glowstick "Oddity" Greeble

A gift from the OC Art Swap

A dark portrait of a humanoid version of The Radiance and The Hollow Knight.

The Hollow Knight is standing solemnly, looking directly at the viewer; their right eye glowing with the Radiance’s infection, unable to be contained. A few drops of the infection drip down their face onto their cuirass, which is adorned with a stylized insignia of the Pale King. Upon their shoulders is a three-layered spaulder, underneath which is a dark cloak, blowing slightly in the wind, almost entirely hidden by shadows. On their head sits a helmet, with two three-pronged horns. The helmet itself is adorned with various decorations resembling the Pale King’s crown.

Behind them is the Radiance. Though her face is covered by darkness, her human eyes are visible, glowing in a similar fashion to the Hollow Knight, as she too gazes at the viewer. Her expression is hard to place but appears to be more fierce than anything else. The rest of her body, including her crown; long hair; and moth wings, which are covered with many eyes; are also shrouded, just like her face, in darkness. Her long, manicured, right-hand is casually reaching out from the folds of her wings towards nothing in particular.

The Hollow Knight and the Radiance

To quote them: "fanart of [my] fanart"; features my Hollow Knight humanization designs

A watercolor portrait of Emile, a brown person, who sits smiling and looking to his left. He has a looped apparatus in his nostrils and curving around his cheeks and bearing axolotl-like gills on his cheeks. His black straight hair is cut short but falls out from under a wide-brimmed hat. He wears a blue collared shirt, and has both an embroidered cloak and red-and-yellow embroidered scarf falling over his shoulder. Mountains and lakes can be seen in the back.

Owen B.

An attack from Art Fight

Two friends, Kaoru and Jan, smile at the camera. Kaoru smiles nervously and looks to their left, but Jan looks straight at the camera as he grins, looming over his short friend and throwing his arms over their shoulders. They both wear brightly colored clothes.


Commissioned by me

Oscar and Ulysses, two cowboys, hold hands with flustered smiles. Oscar is a long-faced pale man with half-white hair and sutures around his neck. He's clad with a loose brown duster over usual cowboy garb. Ulysses is a black man with a scar down the left side of his face and on his neck. His black curly hair poofs out the front from under his hat. They are drawn in a somewhat-retro toony style.

Cecil Finsterwalds
Oscar & Ulysses

Commissioned by me

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© Pleurodelinae. Artworks are by their credited artists, subject matter is by me or connected to me in some way. Hollow Knight is by Team Cherry.