This fine painting - which came out surprisingly well for something I did in like two hours - is of Blutch and Cornelius from Les Tuniques Bleues in the style of the Pathologic 2 dialogue screen. You can see what that looks like here if you don't know. It's an unusual combination of interests, but hey, c'est la vie.

Made in 2020 with Paint Tool SAI.

Image description: Two pictures, digitally painted. Both of them are of a shoulders up view of a man standing in complete blackness. On both of their faces, a whitish light comes from their right, while a softer blue-ish light comes from their lower left. The first one is of Blutch, a small round-faced and round-nosed bald man with a brown flat cap on. He also wears a collared shirt and ripped red overcoat. he grins lopsidedly and looks somewhere with his smiling brown eyes to the camera's left. The second one is of Cornelius, a large round-faced and round-nosed man with an intense look on his face. His hair is short, red, and swept off to his right side. He frowns, his mouth slightly open, and stares right at the viewer with intense blue-green eyes. He wears a collared shirt and grey-blue overcoat. END ID