These two, Sifiso and Zuzana are from Kaoru & Jan! They're relatively minor characters, but I do like them a lot. Sifiso is a conductor and Zuzana is a cellist and their wife, and the two of them are very much in love. The idea itself just makes me soft. And I really like how the colors in this came out, so y'all get to see it too.

Made in 2020 with Paint Tool SAI.

Image description: A digitally painted shoulders up picture of Sifiso and Zuzana, two lovebirds. Sifiso is a person with neck length poofy hair and wearing a white button up with a green floral sweater over it. Their skin is brown, their nose flat, and their cheeks freckled. They have nice sideburns too. Zuzana is an olive skinned woman with a long, elegant face and nose, and a mole right by her lip. She has long, straight brown hair with a scarf over her head, though her hair loosely tumbles out. She is wearing a white collared shirt with a light yellow sweater. Sifiso is on the left and is leaning in to kiss her right nearby her mole with their eyes closed and a peaceful expression on their face. Their scarred hand is caressing her cheek. Zuzana has her eyes closed and is also smiling. END ID