Chesterfield and Blutch from Les Tuniques Bleues, but in an hommage the Kiss by Gustav Klimt. This picture kickstarted my habit of occasionally drawing these two as various paintings.

Made in 2019 with Paint Tool SAI.

Image description: Digital art of Cornelius Chesterfield and Blutch, the two main characters from "Les Tuniques Bleues." The artwork is stylized similarly to Gustav Klimt's painting "The Kiss." Cornelius is a redhead with a large round nose and short fluffy hair. Blutch is a smaller bald man with light blue flowers on his head and cheek.

Cornelius is gently holding Blutch's left cheek and the back of his head, and kissing him on his right cheek right under his lip. Blutch is smiling serenely and holding onto one of Cornelius' hands, and using his other hand to hold the back of Cornelius' neck. They both have their eyes closed.

Their clothes are flat colored and covered in patterns of different shades of blue. Cornelius's clothes has vertically aligned rectangles, while Blutch has swirls. They are both draped in a deep blue blanket, with lighter whirlpool-like patterns on it. The background is a mottled pattern of warm orange and dark green. END ID