This is drawn for AMSAA. This style I was going for here I based off of Soviet Constructivism, because I just think it's neat. In the world of AMSAA, there would never be real posters telling the general public that aberrations or AMSAA itself was real, much less posters featuring living agents, but consider this: I think it's cool as hell.

Also, special thanks to my friend Stuart for recommending the phrase "fight the aberrant menace."

Made in 2020 with Paint Tool SAI.

Image description: Digital art made in the style of Soviet Constructivism, with mostly flat colors and light texture defining the borders between two objects. The color palette is strictly a light desaturated green, bright red-orange, and various dark and light shades of grey-beige. Standing next to each other are two men, Jutrobog and Apollon, in suits of bright red-orange. Jutrobog is standing in front of Apollon and looking to our left, holding a gun out to his right with his right hand. He is a tall bale man with short curly hair. His expression is stern and his pose is tense and ready to fight. Apollon stands behind and more right of Jutrobog. He is a shorter brown man with shoulder-length messy hair and lots of moles. He is also posed, almost about to break into a run to our right, and holding a gun with his left hand. Stripes of the light green move outward like rays from both the tops of their heads and from the shadows made by their feet. On the far left of the picture is a large owl-shaped spirit in that same light green. It curls around Jutrobog and dives downward. Nearby Apollon's feet is a pangolin spirit in the same color, perched forward and alert and facing our right. On the far right of the picture is a large dark undulating shadow with large white rib-like structures running vertically down its figure. Blood, in the red-orange color, splatters on its side. In large bold letters above the two's heads, it reads "FIGHT THE ABERRANT MENACE" and under their feet on the bottom, text reads "A.M.S.A.A." END ID