This is a character I think about every so often, but don't draw very much. She's the monitor with no name - a joke on the man with no name. But she's a komodo dragon, which is a monitor lizard. Get it?

I'm Indonesian-American, which you'd know if you read my about page, so I decided to sort of combine those heritages to make a weird mash: hence, a komodo dragon who's a sort of western gunslinger type. She has some friends too, but I haven't really drawn them properly. She and her world is mostly contained to my sketchbook as of right now.

Also, can I say, the batik patterns on her clothes took me like 80% of the time I spent drawing this, like holy shit. The swirls in her chest were originally gonna be drawn like the forms on wayang kulit puppets, but her duster just took all the energy out of me.

Made in 2019 with Paint Tool SAI.

Image description: Digital art drawn with a strict color palette of teal and bright orange, with a little pink in the shading. It depicts the monitor with no name, a bipedal humanoid komodo dragon cyborg. She is looking to our right. There is a stern look on her face. She is wearing a cowboy hat, bandana, and large duster coat. The edges of her jaw seperate with the hinge of a machine, and there is a space in her chest where her inner mechanisms, showing the appearance of swirls, can be seen. There are bandages on her lower chest. Her coat is dark orange-red and covered in flat bright teal patterns. The patterns are those of traditional batik cloth. The monitor is reaching around with her left hand and is grabbing her pistol out of her holster. The sky behind her is orange, and there are blue clouds. END ID