I made these for digital painting practice, and also a slightly different method for coloring than usual! And also practicing drawing real people. They're William Grant Still and Franz Schubert - two composers I really like. Schubert is well known, but Still not as much. If you do anything new today, then please listen to at least his first symphony. His music is beautiful and heartfelt.

Made in 2020 with Paint Tool SAI.

Image description: Two different pictures of three different people's heads, digitally painted with a square shaped brush and in a semi-realistic style. The first picture is William Grant Still, a Black composer, in vivid shades of lime and dark green, along with some brown and blue spots. He is a dark skinned man with short black hair and a long-ish face. His facial expression is a calm smile, and he is resting his chin on his hand. The second picture is a profile of Franz Schubert, a light skinned man facing to our left, with a color palette of mainly vivid purple. He has tightly curled hair and big sideburns, and a round face and nose. He is smiling slightly, and glasses are perched on his nose. END ID