Long form comics and comic collections!

Kaoru and Jan

A bunch of comics that are small, long, comedic, emotional, and everything in between, all about the peculiar residents of a little town between the mountains and the sea in a magic filled world. There's only two comics right now, but bear with me here. Read them all here!


Short little comics that aren't quite as tiny as the minis, but are still a good short read!

The Sound of Blood in Snow

A surreal bout based off of a dream I once had. It involves two antarctic scientists, a glacier with a mind and conscience, and the fear that lingers out on the darkness and ice. 25 pages long. Not available to read anywhere yet.


Bite sized comics, pretty much around 10 pages or less!

Five Cent Stamp

In which nurse Ada Hayes overhears rumors that are whispered around Sergeant Stephens of the Union army. I recommend reading How I Got This Scar before this, for continuity reasons.

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How I Got This Scar

In which Sergeant Stephens of the Union army details an unfortunate incident.

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Anatomy of Konstantīns Ozols, circa 1952

In which intrepid scientist Konstantīns Ozols discovers multiple truths.