In which intrepid scientist Konstantīns Ozols discovers multiple truths.

I made this comic in one night when it was super late because I was listening to Talking Heads too much. I have no scanner so these kinda look like shit even if they were touched up a bit, but I think it adds to it.

Made in 2020 with pencil on paper.

Image description: Maurice starts running with a grimace as Ozols runs after him, but Ozols is excited.

Ozols: WOW! You can see them??

Maurice: Let's GO.

Ozols: Is that what they're called?? Aberrations? Did I not discover them?

Cut to the plane, flying through the skies once again. Percival and Maurice, passengers once again, observe the small and scrappy Ozols radio on the table.

Percival: A device that detects Aberrations from afar. That would help even you, Apollon.

Maurice, who's cut is bandaged now, humms. Meanwhile, Ozols excitedly reads over some AMSAA files.

Percival: Anything we can do to help you, sir?

Ozols freezes, anxiety coalescing once again.

Ozols: Uhhh-