In which intrepid scientist Konstantīns Ozols discovers multiple truths.

I made this comic in one night when it was super late because I was listening to Talking Heads too much. I have no scanner so these kinda look like shit even if they were touched up a bit, but I think it adds to it.

Made in 2020 with pencil on paper.

Image description: Percival and Maurice get off the plane.

Maurice, teasing with a straight face: Don't act too Russian, now, we're in America.

Percival scoffs. The two of them walk across the runway.

Elsewhere, Ozols is deeply focused on their work, scribbling as fast as they can, sipping coffee, when someone calls out "Dr. Ozols, sir!" They whip their head around, and a bit anxious.

Ozols: wh-

Percival, now holding a pistol and nursing a large bruise on his cheek, holds out his hand.

Percival: Come with me. Please.

Ozols: How did you-

Percival, louder: SIR!