In which intrepid scientist Konstantīns Ozols discovers multiple truths.

I made this comic in one night when it was super late because I was listening to Talking Heads too much. I have no scanner so these kinda look like shit even if they were touched up a bit, but I think it adds to it.

Made in 2020 with pencil on paper.

Image description: Maurice barely looks frazzeled despite the large bleeding cut on his forehead. He turns to Ozols with a lax frown.

Maurice: Mister Ozols. I'm with Jutrobog. Come with me.

Ozols grimaces at the use of the word mister, awkwardly holding their radio as it starts to go 'pip pip.'

Ozols: I- okay.

Maurice grabs Ozols by the crook of their arm right as the radio starts to full on 'beep beep.'

Maurice: Why's that beeping?

Ozols: oh no... Be careful. This detects these strange-

Before Ozols can finish, Maurice whips his head around to shoot, without hesitation, an Aberration that only he can see. Ozols looks on in awe.

Maurice: Don't worry. I can see Aberrations without help.