In which nurse Ada Hayes overhears rumors that are whispered around Sergeant Stephens of the Union army. I recommend reading How I Got This Scar before this, for continuity reasons.

I made this little comic on a whim because I wanted to mess around with both bright colors and unusual comic layouts (because, if you can't tell, I'm usually pretty conservative with my comic layouts). Also, I know I shouldn't draw Ada with her hair down, but I forgot about that, haha. Maybe I'll fix it eventually.

(They may be rumors, but... who's to say they may not be too far off the mark...?)

Made in 2020 with Paint Tool SAI.

Image description: Visions of Stephens, bathed in fire, can bee seen amongst the soldier's words.

Soldier: It's said that he burned down a reb prison camp. That's how he got his scar.

Ada bursts out a dismissive laugh.

Later, Ada tends to a patient who bleeds out of their eyes, now covered tight with bandages. The patient's bleeding hands scrabble weakly at her sleeve.

Patient: Nurse... Someone told me... Stephens... He-

The patient breaks off to laugh a bit.

Patient: He died.