In which Sergeant Stephens of the Union army details an unfortunate incident.

This was the first thing I ever made of Sergeant Stephens, so a few things are off - namely his design (he has darker skin and a much more obvious scar) but also some of the details, but this is still pretty much canon. He wasn't alone in said prison camp, as goes the tale now, but I doubt he would bring it up to those who're basically strangers.

Made in 2019 with Paint Tool SAI.

Image description: Sergeant Stephens, a Union infantryman with brown skin and dark curly hair and a large, lumpy nose, takes a lighter out of his pocket and lights his cigarette. One can clearly see he has a long scar running vertically down the whole left side of his face. He blows out a puff of smoke and looks at another soldier, unimpressed.

Stephens: How I got this scar?

He sighs.

Stephens: I got it at a, uh, prisoner camp. I don't remember the name. Wasn't any Andersonville, but.. it was bad. Hell, it was around long before Andersonville reared its ugly head.

An image of the younger Stephens mirrors one of the older. They are equally despondent. He pokes his freckled cheek.

Stephens: Rebs don't like me for... obvious reasons. But they hated me even more because of my 'temper.'

He laughs and laughs, clutching his chest.

Stephens: Temper? They never saw my temper.

An image shows of Stephens, even younger and as an artilleryman, rearing back as the cannon he's operating explodes right in front of him.

Stephens: I've always had, uhhh... bad luck... with explosives.