In which Sergeant Stephens of the Union army details an unfortunate incident.

This was the first thing I ever made of Sergeant Stephens, so a few things are off - namely his design (he has darker skin and a much more obvious scar) but also some of the details, but this is still pretty much canon. He wasn't alone in said prison camp, as goes the tale now, but I doubt he would bring it up to those who're basically strangers.

Made in 2019 with Paint Tool SAI.

Image description: Stephens trembles, holding a hand up to his bleeding face. He then gets up, lumbering weakly off into the darkness.

Stephens: They had almost missed. Parts of my face, hands, and legs were singed. I hobbled away without any trouble, and found a Union camp fast. I doubt they thought I was alive.

It returns to the present. Stephens continues to smoke, smiling a bit sardonically.

Stephens: I healed up pretty quick. And I can see alright.

He pulls on his cheek a bit, showing off his scar.

Stephens: See it here?

He shoves his hands in his pockets as a few other soldiers gathered around him gape.

Stephens: So yeah, that's how I got my-

Someone from outside interrupts him, yelling: SERGEANT STEPHENS!

Stephens: YEAH?!

Someone: You've got some mail waiting!

Stephens frowns a bit.

Stephens: I'm comin', I'm comin!

He goes to leave the tent, and as he does so, he walks by a lit candle on a small desk. The candle drips, letting out a pitiful light. However, as Stephens walks by it, it all of a sudden flares up with a previously unseen intensity. As he leaves the tent and goes far away, it dims once again.