My own worlds are certainly not the only things I draw for! Sometimes I will draw with various pieces of media that I enjoy as the subject. I'm mainly into various BDs, mostly Corto Maltese and Les Tuniques Bleues, but also the video game Pathologic, and many other things as well.

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Singular pictures n' such.

bos turokh uncle hunchback corto maltese is my favorite saturday morning cartoon crime and punishment like a swan that's here and gone when he died an imagined conversation CMYK agata forest gil jourdan is on the case! summertime

Black & White

A little book I made, just stapled together and drawn on with ink, and made for a friend.

Corto Maltese maker

A for fun and jokes picrew/dress up game where you can only make Corto Maltese. Play it here! Don't take this seriously, please.

2021   2020   2019