A simple thing. While not as I drew this, but as I write this caption, I'd recently watched a playthrough of Okami from someone i started watching a lot very recently - and honestly it kind of destroyed some of the rosy images that Okami had in my nostalgia. It's way worse of a game than I remember. Issun is so much of a frat boy before the last part of the game.... a bit of a bummer, but it's still beautiful. And it'll mean a lot to me still, despite it's glaring flaws.

Image description: Issun, a tiny little fellow perched on the forehead of Amaterasu, a much larger wolf, leans back and looks at the huge forest trees that loom around him with a wide smile on his face. His hat, and the huge trees, are all vividly green, but the sky is a stark magenta. END ID