I love Gil Jourdan, his friends, and his canonically terrible driving skills. The BD may be a comedy, and objectively more on the "i said that i like it not that it's good" side of the "things i like" scale, but I'll allow myself to indulge in some dramatic-ness (??) for him and his friends. He deserves it.

Image description: A picture of Gil Jourdan and his two coworkers and friends Queue de Cerise and Libellule. The lighting is stark, coming from underneath, and the colors go from yellow to deep desaturated purple. There are halftones going across the whole image, similar to the style of a comic book. Gil is in the middle and staring down at a newspaper that he is holding with an intense look on his face, brows drawn together and frowning. He is a man with a rounded face and nose, cheekbones, light tan skin, freckles, and brown hair. He is wearing a blue suit, white collared shirt, and red bow tie. On the left side of the picture is Queue de Cerise, a woman with pale skin, messy short black hair, and several moles. She is wearing a red sweater and cherry earrings. She is also frowning. On the right side is Libellule, a pale bald man with a yellow blazer and hat. He is also wearing a white collared shirt and undone black tie. The look on his face is more curious, and he is biting down on a cigarette. The second picture is the same, however it is more of a limited color palette, with the halftones only going from a desaturated purplish color to yellow. END ID