This is... Les Tuniques Bleues modern AU art... I suppose? I drew this in covid lockdown in the summer, and I was really missing going down with my friends to the island in the middle of the river that runs through the town I live in, which explains the setting of this picture. Blutch and Chesterfield just happened to be my muses at the time, such is life.

Image description: Digital art painted in a style similar to Fauvism, with a color palette of desaturated greens, slight teal accents, light oranges, desaturated and pinks. It depicts a large island made up of piles of large stones resting on top of each other, with a tree and a couple of stray broken large branches scattered about. The trees are painted in a rich mix of greyish purple, green, orange, and teal. Around the island, the waters of a large river wash around the stones. In the background there is a faint bridge with arched legs, a couple of unused factory chimneys, and some distant buildings. The sky is a very light pale and yellow and a single puffy white cloud floats through it. Near the top of the island, two people are cheering. By the edge of the water, two men are on the rocks. The man on the left, Blutch, is sitting on a rock and relaxed. He is leaned back, with his left arm holding him up, while with his other hand he is drinking Stalinade in a pink bottle. Blutch is a small bald man, wearing a light yellow sunhat, a purple crop top jacket with rolled cuffs and a high collar, a V neck green tank top with pink polka dots, a brown fanny pack, light blue booty shorts, and vivid yellow sneakers. The man on the right, Cornelius, is a large redhead, and he is standing on two rocks. With his right hand he is holding a bitten pretzel in its bag, while with his other hand he is pointing offscreen. He is wearing a pair of round sunglasses, but also has another pair of sunglasses tucked into his hair. He his wearing a white t-shirt with a very eerie print of two wide open eyes and a sinister grin, similar to annoying orange merchandise but his t shirt is white and not orange. He is wearing orange and yellow horizontal striped shorts that stop just above his knees, and he is wearing pink flip flops and white socks. Looped around his neck are a couple of dog tags on a necklace. He appears to be talking, and Blutch is looking lazily up at him but doesn't seem to be paying attention. END ID