Figures Kaleidoscopic

Pale walls, the sharp smell of drying paint and ink... Welcome to the gallery! Here can be found illustrations and image artworks of mine. They can be original works, fan arts, or art for the sake of art.

Pictures are sorted by years unless they belong to a wider series, in which they are grouped under that label. You can click on an image to enlargen it and see its title and other information, along with an image description and any accompanying comments of mine.

This gallery is still sorely incomplete, so when time permits I will be adding stuff -- both new and old.


A gaggle of illustrations from the year CCXXX, the current year.



A menagerie of artworks from the year CCXXIX, the year of a new art program and a deeper descent into worldbuilding.


BD Major Arcana

A series following the tarot major arcana, with each card represented by a famed character from European, particularly Franco-Belge, comics.



A bouquet of pictures of the year CCXXVIII, the year of hot summers and bright colors. Pages are currently in the middle of being uploaded, and thus this part of the gallery remains incomplete.

A wood engraving illustration marking the footer. Two skulls cushioned by leaves flank a daffodil flower.
© CCXXVI - CCXXX / 2018 - 2022 Pleurodelinae. All artwork is mine, characters of original work are mine, however the subjects of art labelled 'fanart' are property of their stated sources.