Figures Kaleidoscopic

Pale walls, the sharp smell of drying paint and ink... You have found yourself in the gallery! Hanging upon the walls you can see artworks and illustrations. Looking closer, you can see that they depict varying subjects born of the proprieter's urge or whimsy — views of his worlds or characters, subjects from media you may recognize, art for the sake of art, or art with some elusive meaning.

The gallery is expansive, branching out its arms into varying exhibits, sorted either by the time frame in which something was drawn or grouping the artworks into a collection. Within the exhibits, one can also take a closer look at the artworks, with image descriptions and extra comments noted on the placards.

A wood engraving illustration marking the footer. Two skulls cushioned by leaves flank a daffodil flower.
© CCXXVI - CCXXXI / 2018 - 2022 Pleurodelinae. All artwork is mine, characters of original work are mine, however the subjects of art labelled 'fanart' are property of their stated sources.