Image Description: Digital art of Lucky Luke in shades of red, orange, and yellow. Luke is a light skinned cowboy with short black hair, a red bandana, black vest, white hat and boots, jeans, and a yellow shirt. He sits with a straight back on Jolly Jumper, a white and yellow horse, and stares with a pensive look down at an unfortunate soul that has come up to talk to him. One hand holds the reins, and the other hovers over his pistol, which has a skull engraved on it. Near his and the other person's feet, tumbleweeds blow along the ground. Behind Luke, tall plateaus and mesas stand tall, and the sun sets in the sky, aligning its shape with the round rim of a distant canyon. End ID.


fanart for Lucky Luke, Vendémiaire CCXXIX, digital.

The death card (XIII) signifies change, whether you need it, want it, or dread it. Somewhat of an inner purging or transformation, but it can also mean one’s resistance and fear of such change. Unlike the tower, it is not inherently destructive.

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