Image Description: Digital art of Gaston Lagaffe, in shades of yellow and green. Gaston is a round faced white young man with short, poofy straight black hair. He wears his typical tattered sweater, jeans, and shoes. He is depicted prancing throughout a room of Dupuis headquarters with a large hole blown into the ceiling, revealing the sun and sky outside. Gaston is completely oblivious to the fact that he's about to walk off the edge of the floor, too preoccupied with grinning sleepily up at the crepe that he just flipped - and that is about to flip right onto his face. His cat runs along next to him, clearly amused. End ID.

The Fool

fanart for Gaston Lagaffe, Messidor CCXXVIII, digital.

The fool card (0) depicts a young man setting out and ready to experience the world - but he’s perched on a precarious edge, and about to walk off of it, yet he remains completely oblivious.

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