Image Description: Digital art of Corto Maltese in shades of vivid yellow, dark navy blue, and various shades of lavender in between. Corto Maltese is a sailor with cropped, straight black hair, large sideburns, brown skin, and a round earring in one ear. Corto wades through knee high water in almost darkness, his head bent and his body exhausted and burdened. A smallwave crashes nearby him, and the foam laps at the ends of his large peacoat. In one hand, he carries an oar and leans it on his shoulder. In the other hand, he carries a lanturn at shoulder height. The light of the lanturn flares brilliantly, like rays of the sun, out and around him. End ID.

The Hermit

fanart for Corto Maltese, Messidor CCXXVIII, digital.

The hermit card (IX) refers to the rewards of being alone and the searching for the self, but also the heartache that comes with self-isolation.

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