Image Description: Digital art of Blutch from Les Tuniques Bleues in shades of lavender and pinks and oranges. Blutch is a young Union soldier with a round bald head. He stands in the tall grass facing the camera with a serene frown on his face. His uniform jacket is tucked into his belt but unbuttoned, so it falls down at his knees, revealing his collared shirt and suspenders beneath. On his hat he has a wreath of forget-me-nots tied around a hunk of raw gold. His right hand is raised, with his index and middle fingers pointing up while his ring and pinky fingers point down. In his other hand he holds a wine bottle horizontally, and out of it flows water. Two other faceless soldiers stand on either side of the image and watch him. End ID.

The Hierophant

fanart for Les Tuniques Bleues, Thermidor CCXXVIII, digital.

The hierophant card (V) represents spirituality, along with conformity and the status quo - and the conflict in challenging that, along with one’s own personal beliefs and freedom.

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