Image Description: Digital art of Gil Jourdan in shades of dark navy blue and bright orange and pink. Gil Jourdan is an oval faced man with freckles, olive skin, and slicked back but still poofy brown hair. He wears a blue suit with a pink bowtie and a large orange trench coat. He looks at the viewer with an almost unimpressed stare. In one hand he holds a balanced scale at chest height, and he has the other arm tucked behind him at the same angle. A black sun shines above his head. End ID.


fanart for Gil Jourdan, Brumaire CCXXIX, digital.

The justice card (XI) refers to not necessarily lawfulness, or the lack thereof, but of true justice and righteousness despite what is down in the books. one may break handcuffs to safe a life, and the papers can be written to end one.

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