Image Description: Digital art of Chesterfield from Les Tuniques Bleues in shades of strong reds, blues, and yellows. Chesterfield is a Union cavalryman with a round face and body and short, flowing red hair. He is racing towards the battlefield on his horse, but though his head is turned forward, his eyes look back towards where he'd come from. His face sports a worried frown and tightly knit brows. There are forget-me-nots tucked in his hair right by his ear, and some of their petals drift back out behind him. He is tightly gripping the reins with one hand and his sword with the other, plunging it straight down vertially even as it splinters and cracks. Behind him, war wages on, with flags and swords raised during the cavalry charge. End ID.


fanart for Les Tuniques Bleues, Frimaire CCXXIX, digital.

The strength card (VIII) represents strength, courage, and forward action, but also discord - inner or outer, conflicts of interest, and possibly disgrace.

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