Image Description: Digital art of Seccotine from Spirou et Fantasio in shades of light blue, yellow, and green. Seccotine is a blond haired white woman with her hair tied up in a high ponytail. She is riding a blue moped and triumphantly raising a pen with a red bandana tied around it up into the air. Behind her, rolling mountains can be seen in the distance, and sunflowers crowd around her and her moped. Right behind her head, the sun shines brightly, making it look as if the yellow beams of light that swirl through the sky are comming from Seccotine herself. End ID.

The Sun

fanart for Spirou et Fantasio, Thermidor CCXXVIII, digital.

The sun card (XIX) refers to vitality, self confidence, and success, along with freedom and curiosity.

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