Image Description: Digital art of Tintin. He is a white oval-faced man with a round nose and red hair that curls up. He wears a collared shirt under a blue sweater with the sleeves rolled up, and khakhis tucked into shin high socks. Tintin looks off into the distance with a self-assured smile, his tan coat tucked over a shoulder, as he walks leisurely over the globe itself. In one hand he holds the golden sceptre of Ottokar and in the other hand he holds the dagger from the cigars of the pharoah. Behind him, the red and white checkered rocket blasts off into space, where the sky is dark and the stars twinkle brightly. The moon, large and cratered, hovers right behind Tintin. End ID.

The World

fanart for Tintin, Thermidor CCXXVIII, digital.

The world card (XXI) represents flight, travel, along with a sense of completeness and awe. reversed, it means stagnation and permanence.

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