Image Description: Digital art in cool blues. Maurice Apollon, a brown man with black neck-length hair, lots of moles, and a cigarette stuck in his mouth, and Percival Jutrobog, a long-faced light-skinned man with short, curly dirty blond hair, look out into the distance while a cold breeze wraps around them. End ID.

Cold Breeze

for AMSAA, Messidor CCXXIX, digital.

It's been a hot minute since I've drawn these two. I've abandoned my boys dot gif

I've been working on something featuring these two for a while now but it's been giving me some trouble. Also, as I'm writing this, I still don't even have a place for writing, hah. Eh, that'll come with time.

Also my house's air conditioner is broken at the moment-- and in like over 95 Fahrenheit / 35 Celcius weather too-- so drawing these two in the cold is both relevant to what I'm writing and positively desperate wish fulfillment. I have pretty good heat tolerance but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it, especially not inside my house.

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