Image Description: Digital art in earthy tones. The butcher god Erkhan, a great burly person with a horned, beaked head, sits calmly, crosslegged and barefoot, on the floor. They cross their bloodied hands in their lap and close their eyes as they listen to the chirp of the little bird that sits on the crest of their beak. They wear a traditional shawl with large flat beads sewn around its face, and under it a patterned robe. End ID.


for Menoyukh'al, Ventôse CCXXIX, digital.

In which the butcher of the desert Ebet-yar takes a much-needed break.

It's a known lower Sekhenakhet idiom to say someone is at Erkhan's table, meaning they are in grevious danger or on the verge of death. Erkhan, or Ebet-yar, is the great butcher of the Zarakhi desert, tasked with taking care of all the bodies who perish in the desert, putting them onto their table and letting their blood pour into cracks in the floor, allowing their heart to grow into aiboon trees, their liver to blossom into vuni'okh fruit, their tears to salt the salt flats of the lower stretches. Since the arrival of the Crystal has blurred the line between life and death, Erkhan only permits the butchery of those whose spirits can carry their bodies directly to their table.

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