Image Description: Painterly digital art in shades of tan, orange, pink, with touches of a light blue. Leaning on a table, March Duchamp smirks, cigarette in hand as he talks to Ejiro Barajas, who looks calmly down at the other man as he cleans his hands of blood. March is a short and svelte man with brown skin and curly hair that's oiled to be pushed back, and he wears an embroidered vest over his nice shirt. Ejiro is much taller than March and much more frumpy, with a calm, quiet expression and brown hair that goes down to his neck and on his chin in chops. He wears a bloodied apron over his other clothes, and his sleeves are rolled up. Behind the two, on the dirtied wall, lineart of lungs and veins stretch out behind the two. End ID.

The Fellow from Vacwerthan

for Neontopia, Thermidor CCXXIX, digital.

These two came to me in a dream, and the next day I wrote a short story about them. You can read it here.

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