Image Description: Digital art, made to look like black and white pencils. Strung up on a cross is both the beast and their hunter, the beast tied facing upwards and the hunter tied by their feet so they dangle as both flames and the moon light the blackness around them. End ID.

The Hanged Man

fanart for Bloodborne, Messidor CCXXIX, digital.

I love how the hunter's mark looks like the hanged man. The hanged man also shows up in the fishing hamlet in the DLC and on some of the chalice dungeon gravestones. The beasts are also shown strung up and executed, albeit upright. The crosses wielded by some of the church enemies, along with the crosses in Gehrman's battlefield, are also remniscient of this shape, having "arms" as opposed to the perpendicular Christian cross. It's all very evocative and inspired me.

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