Image Description: Graphite on paper -appearing digital art. Three people stand against a desert rim, looking at the viewer. On the far left a person in a large shawl which falls down loosely holds up a large bag of cactus leaves on their back. The middle person is also wearing a shawl, but it is wrapped moreso around their shoulders. They have long, thin earrings and are holding a wide pot on the top of their head. The person on the far left has a canid mask covering their face and a large mane of soft grasses radiating out over their shoulders. They have a sleeveless shirt (which reveals richly striped tattoos), several layers of skirt, and they lean on a tall cane. They all seem to regard the viewer neutrally. End ID.

Abisekhet and Natera Townsfolk on the Okhono'u Rim

for Menoyukh'al, Fructidor CCXXIX, digital.

From something that never exactly came to fruition. This still looks nice, though.

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