Image Description: Digital art in dusky shades of purple, red, and magenta depicting Hornet, who looks quite upset, tending to the wounds of one Hollow Knight. The Hollow Knight is a looming individual with white hair and skin with a severe hunch. While they appear humanoid, cracks shimmer across their face and skin as if they were made of porcelain, and both from within the wounds and their irises leak out dark void. In one hand they cradle their horned helmet. Hornet is much shorter than the Hollow Knight, and has brown skin with a vitiligo patch between her eyes, bright brown eyes, and her black hair is tied up with a horn-shaped hairpiece. She touches the Hollow Knight's face with one hand, looking for wounds, and with a second pair of hand she unwraps gauze. End ID.

Image Description: Digital art in simple shapes and bright cyan and pinks depicting Quirrel and the Knight taking a stroll. Quirrel is a tall man with thin, spindly legs, and his torso and shoulders are clad in segmented plate armor. He wears a large mask with four eye holes as a hat and has a headscarf wrapped around his neck-length hair. He smiles widely and just outpaces the Knight, who is a small white-haired and white-skinned humanoid wrapped in a dark cloak. Though the Knight scampers, they trail just behind Quirrel. End ID.

Image Description: Two black and white sketches. One shows a bust of the Knight in profile staring ahead with their permanent blank stare, shadowed against their ghostly, horned shade. The second shows the Pale King, a humanoid god with a proud stature. He has four pairs of hands visible: one holds his cloak close to him, one is crossed in front of his chest primly, one is held out properly, and the last helps him stand. He has a human-like visage with carefully crafted features lined in magical lines, though that face is simply a growth off of his true head: which grows out of his hair like a four-spired crown. End ID.

Humanization Scraps

fanart for Hollow Knight, Thermidor CCXXIX, digital.

More of these Hollow Knight humanizations. It feels weird to be drawing so much fanart at once - it's not as fun as it used to be, compared to doing my own stuff - but I'm just in a mood, I suppose! Something about putting my own touch on these characters compells me. (Insert that bit from Knives Out.)

Anyways. Have these little scraps :)

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