Image Description: Digital art of humanized Hollow Knight characters. Bathed in the warm teal and blue light of the Archives are Monomon the Teacher and Quirrel, teacher and apprentice. Monomon is a tall Black woman in a blue dress with an embroidered green bodice. Wrapped around her head and falling down her shoulders is a blue headcloth, though four of her long braids trail out of it. She laughs in delight at something Quirrel said. Quirrel is a brown skinned and freckled man with his black hair tied back in a headscarf, and he's clad in a segmented grey coat, high collar with an isopod's shell as the tie brooch, green vest, and high knee stockings. In one hand he holds a tube of acid, with writing dancing in the water within, and with the other leaning on Monomon's shoulder. He smiles as he says something, and though he is much shorter than Monomon, the ladder he is stepping up gives him some height. End ID.

The Teacher

fanart for Hollow Knight, Thermidor CCXXIX, digital.

While I love that Hollow Knight is about insects, I really have a lot of fun making human designs for them. I've done it multiple times, based on multiple eras and aesthetic styles, but they've all but been restricted to my and some friends's eyes. I feel like it really gives me a chance to work my creativity and input my own thoughts about each character in their design. It is very fun.

This is matching with this piece, though it doesn't really look like it.

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