Image Description: Digital art inspired by the art style of Leyendecker. Three people are hanging out together: Florence and Lev are standing side by side, while Gustav sits in front of them. Florence is a tall, thin Black woman with a pitch black shawl draped over her. She looks to the side and smiles into the distance. Lev is a brown-skinned man with facial scarring and a pinstripe collared shirt, also smiling and looking towards a similar distant point as Florence. Gustav is a brown-skinned man with white hair on the top of his head and black hair on the sides, wearing a large beige trench coat as he sits and rests. End ID.


for Neontopia, Ventôse CCXXIX, digital.

This started out as a Leyendecker riff (I painted Lev's face first) but I kinda went ham and deviated from really trying to get Leyendecker's style. I mean, it had originally started as a silly sketch that I started rendering for giggles, and then I straight up never finished, so like... whatever. This bad boy went on an emotional journey.

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