Image Description: The psychopomp Ulu moves their way through a misty wetland, a lantern attached to their oar that glows as brightly as Ulu's eye. The fog is thick, and thin branches extend from it and the water like bony fingers. The art is done in soft tones of dark brown and teal. End ID.


for Menoyukh'al, Floréal CCXXIX, digital.

The area that Ulu is from is called the Yakha'ai wetlands, and I can tell ya it gets pretty misty up there

Ulu is the psychopomp of the wetlands-- that is, they ferry dead or lost souls away from their bodies and to their next destination. Despite their grim work, they strike a rather plain figure, and are quite the pleasant conversationalist. You get good at small talk when that is all you do for eons.

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