Image Description: Digital art in shades of orange and teal. Striped desert cliffs and mountains rise up under a hot sky around two faceless figures, Tel and Akhayli. They desperately embrace each other, holding onto each others' shoulders and clothes, the teal shading concentrating around the two of them. End ID.

Water in the Desert

for Menoyukh'al, Fructidor CCXXIX, digital.

Friendship, and all that. This was originally going to be way looser and 'messier', closer to this, but a more stylistic striped style ended up looking better, so I ran with it!


A full body doodle of Tel and Akhayli, showing that Tel is actually far taller than Akhayli. They're picking up Akhayli until her legs dangle off the ground as she pleads for Tel to put her down.

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