Image Description: Digital art. Sinta, a round faced person wearing several layers of too-big clothes and with loosely tied dark hair, stands against a map, a compass rose pointing five directions, and seven bright stars. Her face is in shadow as she stares with one glowing eye right at the viewer, and her air is stern. Blood stains her forearms and sleeve. In the first image, the colors are dull browns and blues, while in the second they are much more vibrant and incorporate pinks and reds. End ID.

Blessed Be the Five Winds

for Menoyukh'al, Messidor CCXXIX, digital.

I've been having some chronic 'can't finish art' feelings recently, but I took some 'cheats' while making this to kind of get around those emotions. (For the record, I don't think any technique is cheating unless it's like, tracing then sharing as your own, or something.)

The duller colors were the 'intended vision' I was going for, but I ended up getting the ones on the right on accident and really liked 'em (much to my chagrin) so they're here too.

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