Image Description: Digital art of two people dancing joyfully, holding hands all the while. The person on the left has a white shirt with drapery cloth - having a centipede pattern on it - flowing over their shoulder and over their leg layers, which includes a pelt. A gourd hangs loosely from their belt, and they dance on toothed sandals. The person on the right has fur going over their shoulder and around their waist, and underneath is fabric with very loose sleeves and embroidered ogee shapes. This is in limited colors of grey and green. End ID.

Image Description: Digital art in exclusively in a few shades of blue, pinkish-red, and yellow. Three people in a band play together: one has an instrument with bellows on their lap, one blows a huge horn, and the other strums a stringed instrument. Their figures seem to meld with the trees, houses, and grasses of the environment around them. End ID.

A Bit and a Bob

for Menoyukh'al, Vendémiaire CCXXX, digital.

Just two littler pictures I never posted.

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