Image Description: Art of humanized Hollow Knight characters. Standing side by side, the Knight and Quirrel look out from Crystal Peak down onto the tiny hamlet of Dirtmouth, along with the great mountains and cliffs that rise up around it and into the murky, cloudy distance. The Knight is short, with several layers of black cloaks, and a pale horned helmet and hood. They hold their sword in one hand. Quirrel is much taller; he wears plate armor and has both Monomon's mask and a blue headscarf on his head, with brown breeches and black gaiters. He holds a finger to his chin pensively while his other hand rests on the hilt of his scabbard. The entire picture is bathed in low indigo colors. End ID.

Crystal Peak

fanart for Hollow Knight, Nivôse CCXXX, ink on paper & digital colors.

Getting used to this nice dip pen my dad gifted me recently. Thanks dad!

The original (with only the lines, not the colors as those were added digitally lmao) will be a birthday surprise for a friend :)

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