Image Description: Bloodborne fanart of a dance of death. In a horizontal line dance various individuals across a bed of green grass and lumenflowers, against a pale sky with towering dreams in the distance, and a deep blood-red moon. Directly under the moon is the good hunter wearing the hunter set, saw cleaver strapped to their back, blood staining their hands. Both of their wrists are clutched by deathly beasts, on your left one from old Yharnam, on your right a cleric beast. Both are styled akin to skeletons in medieval art, just with unusual heads. The cleric beast exuberantly kicks up a knee, arm in arm with a mensis scholar. Under the swaying mensis scholar's great cage peeks out a teratoma-like brain, covered in eyes. The scholar's other hand holds onto the forearm of a beast who dances out of frame. The old Yharnam beast locks elbows with a choir member. The choir member has the many-eyed head, wings, and extra spider-arms of a Garden of Eyes. They take a bow, placing a hand on their chest; and their elbow is gently tugged along by a beast in black church garb who dances out of frame.

The entire picture is surrounded by a decorated border. In the top middle curls a red fetus, surrounded by phases of the waning moon on either side. Chalices spill blood onto organs and tentacle'd heads of the Moon Presence. Autumn leaves curl around the chalices and the bottom corners of the frame. On the left is the Blood Rapture rune, on the right is Oedon Writhe. On the bottom border on either side are eyes with collapsed pupils, as if blood drunk, with eyelashes that curl out with buds on the tips. The bottom center reads: FUROR CUM SANGUINE LUNAE. End ID.

La Danse Macabre

fanart for Bloodborne, Nivôse CCXXX, digital.

Quod fuimus, estis; quod sumus, vos eritis.

Had some fun with this. Made it extra big on the page due to just how horizontal it is, hah! But I do just love a good dance of death. If you like Bloodborne, have fun unpacking this one!

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