Image Description: A black-and-white pencil portrait of a dignified man in an embroidered tunic, curly cravat with a sun-shaped tie pin, and wrapped in a robe that drapes over his shoulders and around to his front, over which he lays a gloved hand. In his other hand there is a little pluck of flower stems. He has a sharp, dark-skinned face, blunt nose, and curly hair that is pulled back into a low ponytail. Behind him is a cabinet, atop which is a vase with flowers and a decorative globe, along with a tapestry on the wall that depicts some men pushing an old war boat. End ID.

Ezteke Merkatora

original character work, Vendémiaire CCXXX, pencil on paper.

Ezteke, Iraskendin's lover. This was drawn in a notebook small enough to fit in my breast pocket.

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