Image description: A poster bathed in red for the Grimm Troupe. Smiling a fanged smile, a human Grimm throws up the underside of his black cloak exposing a red, veiny interior crawling towards his heart. He's dressed lavishly, with a red coat with flame motifs, a lace cravat, and a lushly painted black and white mask covering the upper half of his pallid face. He looks down at the Knight in their dark cloak and hood, though they stare neutrally back, their nail in one hand. Their other hand holds that of the Grimmchild, who grins as they leap eagerly into the air. The Grimmchild is dressed something like a clown, with stripes painted on their face, a white ruff, a black cloak with gold bells on the ends, slitted puffy breeches, and black pointy stockings. Underneath the end of Grimm's cloak, Brumm can be seen sulking behind his mask with his accordion, while Divine stands by him and smiles. At the top right corner, behind Grimm's figure, looms the glowing silhouettes of the Nightmare Heart and King. Text running across the rim of his cloak reads: heart-stopping... death defying... and in the corner it finishes, large and bolded: THE GRIMM TROUPE! End ID.

Beware the Grimm Troupe!

fanart for Hollow Knight, Ventôse CCXXX, digital.

These humanizations still have me by the throat...

Grimmchild's design is by the lovely BUZZSAWFUNDS!

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