Image Description: Art of Simon the Harrowed, wounded and bleeding in the chest and hunched over, walking, a tear running down from where his face bandages cover his eyes, holding his sword in one hand and smearing blood across a grand scene with his other. The scene is like the page of a manuscript, detailing the history of the Healing Church: An amygdala curls in an S as the initials to a couple rows of staff, lyrics calligraphied underneath singing of the holy blood, with eyes curling amongst leaves in the marginalia and frames; underneath, arches carved with runes overshadow scenes of the night sky on either side of a clock with eyes in its mechanisms, and below the architecture rises Laurence carrying the holy blood in its chalice for the citizens of Yharnam. Near the sides and bottom are exalted Maria and Ludwig, and a frightened beast scurrying away and low. Simon's blood streaks in a sanguine trail across it all. End ID.


fanart for Bloodborne, Messidor CCXXX, digital.

My piece for the fanzine For Whom the Bell Chimes, focused on all the different Bloodborne NPCs.

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