Image Description: A digital artwork depicting humanized Hollow Knight characters. With his eyes wide in horror, the Pale King cradles a catatonic Hollow Knight to his chest, his mouth pressed to the top of their head. One hand is on their head, one on their pauldrons, and two around their waist, pulling them close to him. The Hollow Knight, eyes wide and blank and glowing orange from the Infection, is splayed out with billowing cloaks in blacks and patterns. The background is focused on shapes and colors, with the wall behind split into diamonds and dreamer masks, with the floor carpeted in decorated triangles and stripes. The bulbous vines of the Infection creep up from the side. End ID.

The Pale King and his Child

fanart for Hollow Knight, Messidor CCXXX, digital.

After Ilya Repin.

This one feels very strange composition-wise but just accept it.

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