Image Description: A digital portrait depicting humanized Hornet, from Hollow Knight. She has a slender, solemn face, and looks down to her lower left, curly hair pulled back into a high bun by a horn-shaped hairpiece. Her form is swamped in her deep red cloak. With a right hand she holds vertical her long needle-sword, and with her two left hands she carries an idol of the Pale King and a small, bronze bell on a chain. Behind her a window shows a peek into a distant landscape, with a swirling orange-yellow sky, piling slopes of green foliage, and silhouetted staffs with bells hung from them. End ID.

Hornet as Justice, Past and Future

fanart for Hollow Knight, Prairial CCXXX, digital.

After Lucas Cranach the Elder.

Yay for substantial Silksong news!!!!

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